iHMS – JCI compliances

JCI compliance adhered by iHMS

A health care organization should consider the care it provides as part of an integrated system of services, health care practitioners and professionals, and levels of care, which make up a continuum of care. The goal is to correctly match the patient’s health care needs with the services available, to coordinate the services provided to the patient in the organization, and then to plan for discharge and follow-up. The result is improved patient care outcomes and more efficient use of available resources.

Information is essential for making correct decisions about which patient needs can be met by the health care organization; the efficient flow of services to the patient; and the transfer or discharge of the patient to his or her home or to another care setting.

JCI Standards

  1. Access to Care and Continuity of Care – ACC
  2. Patient and Family Rights – PFR
  3. Assessment of Patients – AOP
  4. Care of Patients – COP
  5. Anesthesia and Surgical Care – ASC
  6. Medication Management and Use – MMU
  7. Patient and Family Education – PFE
  8. Prevention and Control of Infections – PCI
  9. Governance, Leadership, and Direction – GLD
  10. Facility Management and Safety – FMS
  11. Staff Qualifications and Education – SQE
  12. Management of Communication and Information – MCI

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