infirmary Hospital Management System (iHMS)

iHMS, Infirmary Hospital Management System facilitate better care delivery with seamless flow of data between disparate systems and business units so that the enterprise at both macroscopic and microscopic levels can deliver better care and enhanced satisfaction to patients, care providers… Know more

infirmary Clinic Management System (iCMS)

Envisaging innovative solutions in the healthcare industry for many years, Idhasoft healthcare BU offers infirmary Clinic Management System (iCMS) that carefully and comprehensively handles all clinical requirements including easy storage and retrieval of clinical information, print graphical reports, easy billing, easy claims, etc. It helps in clinical services… Know more

infirmary Central Sterile Supply Department (iCSSD)

Any leading Hospital which houses operation theatre needs to mandatorily have a good Central Sterile Supply Department. Hospitals and other health care facilities that performs sterilization and other actions on medical devices, equipment and consumables for use by concerned OT staff requires CSSD services. It is also required for other aseptic procedures like catheterization. Know more

infirmary Laboratory Management System(iLMS)

Laboratory management today has become a super specialized area in every hospital. The need of the hour is to make dedicated investments in terms of high-end technologies, skilled manpower, automated equipments and compliance with stringent accreditation guidelines like NABL by providing excellent customer services. Since a laboratory department within a hospital…Know more

infirmary Pharmacy Management System (iPMS)

infirmary Pharmacy Management System (iPMS) is a versatile pharmacy management system that improves and automates every major pharmacy process. Developed for ease-of-use, the solution offers feature accessibility in just a few clicks and keystrokes… Know more