infirmary Clinic Management System (iCMS)

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Multinational and multi-centric clinical trials introduce a challenge of efficient and effective clinical management, while coping with distributed data flows into various standalone systems in a clinical organization. To deal with the current healthcare industry challenges, clients require single, integrated and scalable infirmary Clinic Management System (iCMS).

Why prefer infirmary Clinic Management System (iCMS) from Idhasoft?

Envisaging innovative solutions in the healthcare industry for many years, Idhasoft healthcare BU offers infirmary Clinic Management System that carefully and comprehensively handles all clinical requirements including easy storage and retrieval of clinical information, print graphical reports, easy billing, easy claims, etc. It helps in clinical services management and helps to automate and streamline clinical processes, thereby ensuring error-free and quick operations in the healthcare industry.

The system also acts as a patient management system, which tracks patient’s information at all levels right from the registration to doctor’s prescription, prescribed tests, reports, payment, dues and information about his previous visits.

With expert logic, user-friendly interface and security imposed throughout the system, Idhasoft has delivered its clinic management system to many reputed clients located across the globe.

Idhasoft offers flexible solutions with minimal need for customization. Built through extensive research, our solutions cater to almost every need of the organization with minimal or no changes. However, we also create customized solutions for those who desire to render an unprecedented service.

Built with the latest technology and modular approach, our solutions are highly profitable and enable the hospital management to make quick and informed decisions.

infirmary Clinic Management System Modules

  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Patient Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Doctor Management
  • Claims Management
  • Reports

Benefits of iCMS:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Scalability through cutting-edge technology and cloud implementation
  • Quick storage and retrieval of patient’s data through several advanced search techniques
  • Seamless integration of modules to existing hospital information system
  • An end-to-end solution for modern clinics