Appointment Scheduler Module Overview

Clinic management is incomplete without a quick, online patient appointment system; and as the name suggests, this module schedules patient appointments with doctors. The online clinic appointment scheduler is a simple-to-use module, which provides a complete understanding of doctor’s appointment for a particular day, date or month.

Being an electronic system, this clinic appointment system automates and streamlines the process of scheduling appointment-related activities. Its’ easy-to-use interfaces help receptionist to make optimum use of the system without extensive training.

Developed using cutting-edge technology, this module scales with the growing no. of records in the clinic and is flexible to adapt to any new customization. Clinic management system (ICMS) being a centralized product, all its modules work in an independent, yet integrated fashion.

This module in linked with patient registration system and assists receptionists in tracing doctor’s availability and scheduling patient’s appointment accordingly. Further, it helps tracking the appointment and empty slots; patients are always allotted the empty slots. If there is no empty slot for a particular day, then the appointment can be scheduled on some other day.

It also sports a “waitlist” concept for effective slot management. In case, a patient doesn’t show-up after being allotted a slot, a patient in the waitlist accommodates that slot. The system ably shuffles the patients and constantly displays information on the slot status. Also, the waitlist patient is eligible for a slot if the appointments end up before the expected time.

Features of Appointment Scheduler

Following are the features of the system:

  • Ability to work with multiple physicians and office locations
  • Prevents un-billable encounters
  • Alerts and prompts necessary patient-specific information
  • Increases staff efficiency and  satisfaction
  • Reduces late, no-show, missed and cancelled appointments
  • Reduces downtime by allowing a provider easy access to their continuously updated schedule
  • Keep a waiting list for patients
  • Provides valuable insight into the daily details of the practice with the use of sophisticated reports