Doctor/Physician Management Module

Doctor being the central element of any clinic, doctor management system is a vital module that connects to almost every other module in the clinical management system. Linking this physician management system throughout the software simply means retrieval of complex data and queries from various departments of the clinic.

Our doctor management system is an outright solution for a large clinical structure as it performs complex operations and data retrieval activities. Through this module, doctors have ability to access master patient index, diagnosis records and patient’s medical history. This module is of major use for accessing doctor appointment scheduler.

Right from patient registration to evaluating test reports and billing, doctor needs access to almost every bit of patient information. Therefore for ultimate clinic management and patient care, our doctor management system is a centralized module that helps doctors perform a plethora of activities such as making referrals, viewing or storing lab or radiology evaluation reports, ordering medicines, directly from the online requesting system, printing reports, customizing reports and so on.

Features for doctor appointment scheduler system

Features and Benefits:

  • Schedule daily appointment lists
  • This application is fully scalable and can be customized as per clinic’s requirements
  • View patients complete information
  • Centralized module that integrates with other modules