Clinic Inventory Management Module

Acquiring an automated and effective inventory management system is a serious challenge today. The fact is that even many of the best clinics-who claim to have best integrated systems-do not have exact track of inventory supply and usage information. As per the statistics, up to 30 percent of the inventory is left untracked in the item master, which clearly means booked loss or wasted money.

Idhasoft’s clinic inventory management system has an inter-departmental usage. This module automates the entire clinical supply chain. It has an intuitive interface that simplifies order placing and receiving inventory from the configured retailers. The system sends several critical alerts, especially when the stock reaches the threshold.

The system boasts of improved search functionality, filters and flexible administrative control. It is synchronized with inter-related interfaces such as billing, requisition, patient registration, etc. At Idhasoft, we regularly work on adding innovative features to our products.

The system is set up by keeping the current clinic stock management challenges in mind. It is a highly interactive module and can fit into an existing system without many customizations. It is a modern system supporting current need, thereby helping you earn more revenue and ROI.

Features and benefits of clinic stock management

  • Automatic supply management
  • Optimize inventory level eliminating loss due to product expiration
  • Eliminate missed supply charges
  • Audit supply trail to accurately monitor product performance, tem waste and patient outcomes
  • Offers convenience as it fits into existing workflow
  • Allows keeping track on inventory with periodic customized reports