Patient Information Management Module

With the inception of Information Technology, no industry has looked back. In case of the healthcare sector, error-free patient information management is the foremost challenge that the industry faces. Our Clinic Management System provides paper-free patient details handling with great accuracy and efficiency.

Our patient management module streamlines and automates the daunting task of maintaining out-and-out patient record management. It effectively captures complete and relevant patient information. This information can be easily accessed by all actors in the system by entering the required credentials. The system makes it easy to track patient’s medical history.

Unlike other clinical management system, our system is web-based, offering anytime anywhere access. The module is scalable and capable of functioning independently. It is compatible with the industry standards and enables sending all patient records directly to EMR system.

Features and Benefits for patient record management:

  • Access to patient data across the system
  • Organizations gain improved efficiency and reduced cost
  • It helps in providing patients with best care in least time
  • Icons based, simple and user friendly design saves time
  • Fast and reliable information storage, querying and retrieval
  • Connects to EMR system and supplies information to all other modules in the system