infirmary Hospital Management System (iHMS)

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iHMS, Infirmary Hospital Management System facilitate better care delivery with seamless flow of data between disparate systems and business units so that the enterprise at both macroscopic and microscopic levels can deliver better care and enhanced satisfaction to patients, care providers and also the attendants. It enhances operational efficiencies by streamlining the hospital workflow, without increasing staff and automation of administrative tasks reduces errors and increases productivity at all levels. iHMS helps management take better decisions and comprehensive health care policies.

What our Hospital Management System (iHMS) offers?

Idhasoft offers powerful end-to-end hospital solution designed to deliver key tangible benefits to clients across the globe. iHMS solution satisfies the financial, clinical and administrative needs giving a panoramic view of each department in the hospital.

Our Healthcare software solution aids implementation of business intelligence, streamlines supply chain process, sets standards, simplifies billing, promotes real-time claim adjustments and online transactions, etc. It is the hospital management software that works as a highly flexible, scalable and customizable solution to cater to unique needs of every hospital.

We provide application developed through modular approach that can individually integrate with ease into your existing solution.

iHMS is available in 2 different packages :


2. iHMS Platinum (Add On Modules)

iHMS GOLD package contains below given 22 modules:

  1. Appointment Scheduling
  2. Patient Registration
  3. Emergency Care
  4. Outpatient Management
  5. OP Billing
  6. Inpatient Management
  7. IP Billing
  8. Laboratory & Radiology
  9. Claims Management
  10. Operation Theatre Management
  11. Package Management
  12. Pharmacy Management
  13. Inventory Management
  14. Purchases Management
  15. Medical Records Management
  16. Roaster Management
  17. Leave Management
  18. Human Resources Management
  19. Payroll
  20. Application Management (Masters)
  21. Users Management
  22. MIS & Dept Reports
iHMS Platinum (Add On Modules) package contains below given 12 modules:

  1. Electronic Medical Records
  2. Central Sterile Supply Department
  3. Biomedical & Equipment
  4. Ambulatory Management
  5. House Keeping
  6. Linen & Laundry
  7. Blood Bank Management
  8. Dialysis Management
  9. Cath Lab management
  10. Diet Management
  11. Bio Waste Management
  12. Biomedical Equipment Management

High level features of iHMS:

  • Multi branch in single server
    • All commercial information like billing and sales will be specific to that branch, but super user will be able to access all commercial info of all branches
    • All medical information of all the patients will be visible to all the care givers in all the branches.
    • Separate prefix for Patient ID, Visit ID, Bill, Receipt and Test Ids.
    • Consultants, patients, Lab tests and Pharmacy drugs will be for individual location.
    • Pharmacy stock, Stores, Vehicles, Biomedical equipments, OT will be location specific.
    • Users & Employee list like, Nurses, Billing and lab technician will be location specific.
    • Templates like Cnote, Discharge summary, OT notes will be Specific to that location.
    • Prescription, Diagnostic orders, ward indents and Admin requests will be different.
    • PO, GRN and Goods return note will be Specific to that location
  • Multi Speciality
    • Can create any number of Specialties.
    • Can have specialty specific and Consultant Specific.
  • Supports touch screen functionality.
  • Report designers to design MIS reports on fly by provision of allowing the users to add their own columns to view the reports in their own way.
  • Users can configure the alerts and notifications they want to view as per their day-to-day transaction requirements
  • Template designers for all clinical specialty case sheets can be directly designed by the end users (doctors).
  • Interactive user manuals for the complete modules of the software.
  • Provision of uploading master data through excels directly into the database so that the master data collection will be done smoothly at the time of implementation.
  • Provision of changing the business rules and validations through configuration tool by administrator so that the software can work according to the user requirement.

International Compliances adhered by iHMS

iHMS is adhered by below mentioned international compliances

  1. JCI – Joint Commission International
  2. HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  3. NABH – National Accreditation Board for Hospitals
  4. HAAD – Health Authority Abu Dhabi
  5. DHA – Dubai Health Authority
  6. SNOMED – CT – Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine -Clinical Terms
  7. HL -7 – Health Level – 7

Interface Components of iHMS

iHMS can be integrated by below mentioned components

  1. SAP
  2. Tally
  3. Mobile Console
  4. Insurance
  5. SMS | Email Voice Notifications
  6. Equipments (Lab & CSSD departments)

NABH Reports available in iHMS

  1. CQI – Time for initial assessment of inpatient
  2. CQI – Time for initial assessment of emergency patient
  3. CQI – 2.aii Percentage of patients with care plan documentation
  4. CQI – 2.aii Percentage of patients with care plan counter singed by in charge consultant
  5. CQI – 2.aiv Percentage of in patients where initial nursing Assessment has been completed within 30 min
  6. CQI – 2.aiii Percentage of cases wherein screening for nutritional needs has been done.
  7. CQI-2biv Percentage of adherence to Safety precautions by employees working in Laboratory
  8. CQI-2biv Percentage of adherence to Safety precautions by employees working in Radiology
  9. CQI-2cii Percentage of accidental removals of Endo tracheal tubes
  10. CQI-2diii Percentage of medication chart with illegible writing over a given period
  11. CQI – 2.giv Percentage of medical records having incomplete or improper consent
  12. CQI – Number of sentinel events
  13. CQI – 3.gii Number of near misses analyzed
  14. CQI – 3.fiv Percentage of employees who are aware of employee rights and responsibilities
  15. CQI – 3.fiv Percentage of employees who are aware of welfare schemes
  16. CQI – 3.civ Percentage of employees provided pre-exposure prophylaxis.
  17. CQI – Employee satisfaction index(Percentage)
  18. CQI – 3.fii Employee attrition rate
  19. CQI – 3.fiii Employee absenteeism rate
  20. CQI-2di Percentage of medication errors
  21. CQI-2dii Percentage of incidence of adverse drug reactions
  22. CQI – 3.ciii Incidence of bed sores after admission
  23. CQI – 3.eii Inpatient satisfaction index(Percentage)
  24. CQI – 3.eiv Time taken for discharge
  25. CQI – 3.dv Nurse – patient ratio … …. and more up to 80 + reports

Application Architecture of iHMS

Methodology Used: Agile Software Development & Scrum
Technology Used Java ; Spring 3.0.5 ; Hibernate 3.2.6 ; Maven 2.2.1 ; JavaScript ; JSP ; Ext JS 3.4 ; JQuery 1.5.3
Version Controlling: GIT
Web server: Apache Tomcat 6.0.35
Databases Supported: MY SQL 5.5.37
Browsers Supported: Firefox 15.0
Operating Systems: Windows XP or higher & Linux