Reception and Appointment Scheduling Module

The Reception and Appointment Scheduling system captures complete and relevant patient information. This module is mostly useful for physicians and hospital personnel. It is the first one to be accessed by the hospital staff when any patient walks in. It works like a patient registration system that collects all entry-level information about the patient is one go. It will generate a Medical Record number for the patient, which will remain unique throughout his visits to the hospital.

Hospital Appointment Scheduler

It is a hospital appointment scheduler that helps to organize and track appointments. In this module, appointments are categorized based on the physician and his specialty. The module comprises of two important functionalities namely: appointment scheduling and appointment cancellation.

This module is well-integrated with registration module for access to the patient’s demographic data.

Salient Features:

  • Acts as a hospital appointment system that enables scheduling patient appointments and tracking them.
  • Provides insight into patient’s detailed information such as the patient enquiry, bed occupancy, patients extra days’ credit, etc., according to the following category:
    • Package-wise patients
    • Company-wise patients
    • Department-wise patients
    • Insurance-wise patients in the hospital