Blood Bank Management Module

The Blood bank module is designed to perform various critical functionalities pertaining to the blood management. It handles the complete cycle of gaining blood to preserving and supplying it to the hospitals.

Along with it, the blood bank system generates automated inventory reports of the stock of blood, available for different blood groups; along with its expiry details. The system makes it much easier for the user to track various activities in the blood bank such as stock intake, proper labeling, and classification of blood bags.

The system performs the process of registration of blood donors, according to their blood groups. It also preserves the blood donation history as to which donor has donated the blood (along with his contact details), which blood group and the number of times he has participated in the blood donation activity.

Our Blood bank management module is highly flexible. It can be customized to cater to the client’s needs. The module seamlessly integrates with the system and grows with hospital’s data processing requirements.

Salient Features of hospital blood bank management:

  • Maintains electronic patient and donor records.
  • Performs material management.
  • Supports specimen collection and testing.
  • Provides donor history and patient blood bank history.