Contract Management Module

Medical contract management module manages and configures all type of masters of respective modules and keeps track of the hospital agreements/contracts/tie-ups with the company/insurance agency, based on the fixed rules such as tariff details, package details and surgery details.

This module sends timely alerts and automates the management of hospital-based legal documents. It is a healthcare contract management system that combines a single, hospital-wide contract repository with a flexible workflow engine capable of supporting each organization’s unique contract management processes.

The module allows easy customization to accommodate our client’s unique needs. Based on the current industry need, the module is highly scalable and seamlessly integrates with system.

Salient Features of our hospital contract management system:

  • Package deal designer specification.
  • Room rent configuration.
  • All services charge configuration.
  • Information about hospital agreements/contracts/tie-ups with the company/insurance agency stored under a single, collaborated module.
  • Quick access to information through advanced filters.
  • Highly customizable and scalable module.