Dietary Management Module

The hospital dietary management system works in co-ordination with hospital kitchen. It helps the kitchen to supply food to the patient as per the recommendation from dietician. This module works in concert with many other modules that track patient and physician information. The dietician plans a diet according to patient’s information and physician’s recommendations.

The module is also called as inpatient dietary management as it maintains the comprehensive food nutrition information for every patient, individually. The module also performs meal scheduling, customizing meals per patient and recording individual meal orders. The module integrates with many other modules, upgrading the system with every meal, automatically.

Salient features of dietary management system:

  • Tracks the availability of food items in the kitchen
  • Captures the nutritional value of every item
  • Captures recipes to help the kitchen
  • Facilitates creation of a day wise meal plan for every patient
  • Generates the kitchen order ticket consisting of a list of items prepared based on the bed occupancy.