Electronic Medical Record Module

Electronic medical record system enables physicians to track and analyze medical records of a patient. It is the most information sensitive and administratively strategic functional module that ensures smooth and efficient workflow process in the hospitals.  It is a central information repository, which contains all kinds of medical, administrative, demographic and financial information concerning the patients.

Medical record management module maintains a detailed record of each patient admitted in the hospital. The patient’s case papers, treatment details, investigations, pharmacy requirements, surgery details and the discharge summaries are maintained in this module. Whenever a regular patient visits a hospital, his complete diagnosis chart along with case papers are provided by the system.

Salient features for medical record management system:

  • Stores and retrieves details of all medical/patient records.
  • Provides information about birth/death register & statistics, mortality statistics by date and ward.
  • Updates patient records by using name or registration number.
  • Generates Doctor/Consultant activity reports.