Financial Accounting Module

This hospital finance management system seamlessly integrates with Tally software to offer accurate financial data and reports. It records transactions and offers details about Cash/Bank and Receipts/ Payments. It generates Journal vouchers, records ledger details and maintains overall medical financial records. Also, its deals with computerized book maintenance such as Cash book, Bank book and Ledger book.

This financial accounting with tally module required to generate several reports including the trial balance and periodic statements such as Profit and loss and balancesheet that are useful to exhibit hospital’s timely revenue.

This healthcare finance bit of software streamlines the bank and invoice-related processes. It helps to easily track hospital’s financial progress, thereby enabling management to take quick and informed financial decisions.

Salient features of financial accounting with tally integration module:

  • Seamless integration with Tally
  • Automates the process the of capturing, providing and printing financial details
  • Simplifies hospital’s financial data tracking
  • Customizable module
  • Maintains books online
  • And much more