Billing (Cash & Credit) Module

Patient billing module handles all types of billing processes in the long run. It works in coordination with many other modules such as inpatient, outpatient, registration etc. This module seamlessly integrates with financial accounting module to consolidate patient’s overall billing information. This hospital billing system helps in automatic posting of charges pertaining to various services including lab test, food and beverage, bed charges etc.

It is a hospital billing management system is a flexible solution for efficient billing without manual errors and time consumption. The module is highly customizable to adjust to client’s unique needs. It is capable of handling and recording various payment types such as cash or credit, partial or full payment and dues or defaulters.

This hospital billing system involves posting into individual accounts, voucher printing, preparing bills, generating Income and Expense analysis etc. This can be integrated with the Reception module for Bill Collection, Pharmacy-Center module for details of Medicines issued, Wards Management module for details of tests / treatments etc.

Salient Features of Patient billing module:

  • Provides flexible billing based on the specific hospital rules
  • Calculates billable charge based on the pre-defined (by the client) billing rules
  • Sufficient cashier function available to process all point of receipts and refunds
  • Facilitates automatic calculation on daily basis of total/partial patient bills