Bio-medical Equipment Maintenance Module

Hospital biomedical equipment management system is a comprehensive module that assures the management of biomedical equipments in the hospital. It is one of the crucial modules that handle a multitude of functionalities as follows:

Bio – Equipment module functionalities

  • Department organization plan: This feature allows listing type of training required by hospital staff and scheduling the same with participant details.
  • Equipment details: Helps to store and obtain information about manufacturers, suppliers, insurance, installation, equipment movement, evaluation and any trouble shooting entries.
  • Maintenance schedule: Helps to schedule maintenance and check schedule for the equipments.
  • Contracts: Helps to store contract details outsourced for medical equipment maintenance.
  • Departmental Requisition and Issue: Helps to track and issue departmental requisitions and returns.
  • Repair Handling:  It helps to set equipment repairs request, job order status, technician remarks, etc.