Linen and Laundry Module

The hospital linen and laundry system has become a fundamental point in any attendance center.  The module not only ensures necessary supplies for every department, but also suggests the steps to keep the linen and laundry contamination free. The department needs to follow the sanitation steps to keep the laundry free of any microbiological germs that may generate the risk of re-infection to the patients

The hospital linen and laundry services module is designed to manage the linen and laundry stock of the hospital. The module keeps check on the linen and laundry items demanded by the patients and records the returns. It helps compare the physical quantity with system quantity of stock.

Salient features of healthcare laundry and linen module in iHMS system:

  • Tracks department requisitions, issues and returns
  • Records any issued and returned watched item
  • Compares the existing stock with the system quantity of stock and identifies discrepancies
  • Enters the list of condemned items
  • Notifies about damaged linen stock for management’s action
  • Generates laundry record with cleaning expenses