In Patient Management Module

Through hospital inpatient management system, a user can manage Registration, Admission, Discharge and Transfer (RADT) for the admitted patient. It consolidates data of admitted patient from the point of registration to the point of patient’s discharge. It handles information pertaining to the ward management, bed occupancy, estimation, agreement preparation, emergency admission, planned admission and so on.

The inpatient management system maintains the comprehensive information and automates and streamlines administrative process providing better patient care through less human effort.

Including in-patient module, all modules in the iHMiS are secured. Inpatient system also stores confidential information from the doctor about the patient, which is accessible only by an administrator or those who have been given the access rights.

All non-hidden patient-related information is easily accessible as each patient has a unique registration number and modules include advanced search techniques. Hospital personnel can access this information on obtaining log-in permission. Maintaining details about ward shifting, surgery, nursing notes, etc., and sending other relevant information to billing module is a core function handled by this hospital inpatient management system module.

Salient Features of hospital inpatient management system:

  • Captures admission details (payment type, referral details, department, doctor under whose consultant the patient is admitted, package taken, etc.)
  • Maintains patient’s bed occupancy and transfer records
  • Maintains record as to recommended tests and drugs for the patient
  • Directly connects to relevant modules such as billing
  • Prints reports