Stores and Purchases Management Module

Today hospitals face many daily challenges in terms of inventory management. Volatile customer demand and little or no inventory visibility lead to improper hospital functioning. Further, the manual hospital stock management is usually time consuming, error-prone and costly. This induces the demand for an automated supply-chain system that would efficiently supervise the hospital stock.

Our inventory management module helps hospital staff to concentrate on patient care while it automates the entire supply chain life cycle. It facilitates easy to access information with the least amount of intervention. It captures information using the latest technology and constantly tracks the inventory in the hospital. It is capable of placing auto-orders to some of the listed vendors. Ranging from hospital supplier invoice management to material issues management and medical store management, our inventory management system manages stock with utmost efficiency and adeptness.

Our Hospital Inventory Management system oversees the data related to procurement of materials, stocks maintenance, distribution, reorders etc. It manages Material Resource Planning (MRP) Management, regulates material forecast, reservation management, material issues management, and reporting and enquiry.

Salient Features of Hospital Inventory Management system:

  • Makes receipts, stores and issues stock items
  • Provides up-to-date information on current stock levels and location
  • Produces exception reports to be used to identify fast and slow moving stock items
  • Updates stock balances against receipts, consumption and rejections
  • Supports purchase order tracking & purchase assistance information