Laboratory Management Module

Laboratory is yet another department that generates enormous revenue for hospitals from Inpatient, Outpatient or any walk-in patient. Laboratory management system module automates all the processes and operations in the hospital lab right from checking the lab availability to scheduling appointment, retrieving the prescribed tests and maintaining reports. It also ensures confidentiality of the lab test reports.

Data pertaining to the hospital laboratory (Bio-chemistry, Pathology, etc.) and Radiology  (X-ray, Scanning, Ultra sound, etc.) services used/accessed by both Inpatient and Outpatient is maintained in this module. This module supports all aspects of contemporary medical lab management helping technologists manage the quality and integrity of test samples (pre-analytical phase), the correct review of test results (analytical phase) and actual result report printing process for precise insight into the patient’s health (post-analytical phase).

Salient Features of medical lab management system:

  • Automatically shares and transfers medical data between various departments within a lab.
  • Covers all branches of Laboratory and Radiology services.
  • Creates flexible work list formats for a single test or related tests, enables user-defined work lists (size, format and sequence) and detects all incomplete tests into the work list.

All test results are archived for user-defined period of time in an easily accessible format.