Operation Theatre Management Module

Hospital operation theatre management system maintains the data related to surgery scheduling and apparatus arrangements such as organizing surgical instruments, medical equipment for anesthesia, etc. Operation theatre management system allows user to post recommended surgeries for the patient. It facilitates posting multiple surgeries at one go with the following details:

  • Surgery date and time
  • Operation theatre (OT) number
  • OT charges
  • Anesthesia type and Anesthetist Name
  • Surgeon/Asst Surgeon details

The operation theatre system allows updating schedule for any selected patient as per requirement.

Users can post consumable, pharmacy and implant details for scheduled patient for the purpose of billing and future reference. The system allows posting returns of the unused items during surgery, which also reflects in patient’s billing summary.

Salient features of operation theatre management system:

  • Schedules patient appointments.
  • Maintains theatre stock control and has ability to order stocks and supplies from main stores.
  • Tracks and places orders for linen with laundry and housekeeping.
  • Processes maintenance requests.
  • Provides daily theatre schedule in order for wards to get real-time information.
  • Helps to access reports such as theatre occupancy and utilization.

Generates reports for all operations performed in the hospital.