Out Patient Management Module

Hospital Outpatient Management system is well-connected with the reception module. After the patient is registered in the reception and appointment scheduling module, hospital outpatient services come in the picture. It serves as an entry point unit for scheduling an appointment with a relevant doctor for medical consultations and diagnosis. It is a comprehensive module that helps doctors to take better and timely consultation decisions through access to the patient’s basic information to the doctor.

This outpatient system allows storing information about prescription, test, report, facility used and so on. It also maintains doctor’s information who attended the patient and information about any external doctor, if called for patient’s examination. It also categorizes patient’s visit into new or follow-up.

Salient Features of hospital outpatient management system:

  • Schedules patient appointments (normal and investigations)
  • Creates and maintains patient’s visit records
  • Provides an interface to other departments particularly pharmacy, laboratory, admission, wards and accounts department
  • Prints reports (visit record, investigation reports etc.)

Prints Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Reports on number of patients