Personnel and Payroll Management Module

The payroll and personnel management module deals with all activities related to pay calculations and employees. It records the personnel attendance, calculates pay, prints salary slips and maintains salary certificates and PF statements on monthly basis or period defined by the user.

The payroll management module is fully automatic ensuring the digital storage of complete information. The system is capable of quick storage and retrieval through a legato, user-friendly interface. It is scalable and customizable to accommodate every client’s unique needs and payroll calculations.

It is a hospital payroll system that tracks the details of the entire hospital staff. It maintains the hospital payroll and also keeps track of the staff’s paid and unpaid leaves. It also maintains the staff information right from his joining such as employee’s joining details, maintaining the employee database, fixing allowances and deductions, sanctioning loan, tracking insurance details and tenancy contracts.

Salient Features of payroll and personnel management module:

  • Maintains the hospital payroll.
  • Provides online leave application, online approval, and other data for employee records.
  • Offers Payroll variance analysis reports and other payroll reports including Pay slips, pay Register, Bank statement (Summary & Details), Overtime report, Allowance Analysis, Deduction Analysis, and so on.