Security and Administration Module

Understanding the confidentiality of patient and hospital information, we understand the significance of maintaining data integrity through hospital security system. Security and Administration module ensures flexible management of users and their privileges. It not only prevents unauthorized access, but also helps to report an error.

We ensure security through seamless integration of our security and administration module throughout the iHMS system and across various other products.

iHMS offers the application and user-level security. The login details of every staff member (user) will be maintained online, so that they can log on to the system and perform functions/activities related to their respective departments.

Salient features of clinical security and administration system:

  1. Users with proper access and rights can add, delete and modify records of the existing users to the system.
  2. Saves all hospital transaction, such as insert/updates, with the user/login/In patient details in the database to track the changes effectively.
  3. Manages through a Tree-styled menu—programmatically managed as per the respective user rights specified.
  4. Restricts functions based on access rights for each user.
  5. Maintains the log of a set of actions performed, based on the access privileges given to each user.