infirmary Central Sterile Supply Department (iCSSD)

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Any leading Hospital which houses operation theatres needs to mandatorily have a good Central Sterile Supply Department. Hospitals and other health care facilities that performs sterilization and other actions on medical devices, equipment and consumables for use by concerned OT staff requires CSSD services. It is also required for other aseptic procedures like catheterization, wound stitching and bandaging in a medical, surgical, maternity or pediatric ward. iCSSD, is a well thought state of the art solution developed by doctors , catering to small nursing home to medium and large size hospital. The beauty of iCSSD that it can facilitate a single OT to multi OT. iCSSD also ensures JCI compliances to help the hospital authorities in accreditation process.

iCSSD includes the following modules:

  • Sterilization Management
  • OT Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Reports
  • Help

Sterilization Management Module includes following transactions :

  • Create New Set
  • Approve Sterilization
  • Issue to CSSD Store
  • Indented Sets
  • Issue to OT
  • Issue to Departments
  • Receive Sets
  • Set Acknowledgment
  • Update sets given to OT
  • Change Password

OT Management Module includes following transactions :

  • OR Schedule
  • Set Indent
  • Set Indent List
  • Set Indent Closed List

Inventory Management Module includes following transactions :

  • Instrument Purchase Request
  • Equipment Purchase Request
  • Purchase Order
  • GRN
  • GRN Returns

Equipment Maintenance Module includes following transactions :

  • Create Log
  • Closed Logs
  • Log List

infirmary Central Sterile Supply Department Key functionalities:

  • Instrument set assembly and packaging and sterilization services.
  • Patient equipment cleaning, distribution, and billing
  • Case cart system for surgery and/or the delivery room
  • Managing loaner instrumentation and implants
  • OR scheduling
  • Cardiac arrest cart processing, stocking and distribution
  • Staffing surgical core areas
  • Surgical instrument purchasing
  • Acquisition of special order implants and supplies

Objectives of iCSSD:

  • To provide sterilized material from a central department where sterilizing practice is conducted under conditions, which are controlled, thereby contributing to a reduction in the incidence of hospital infection.
  • To take some of the work of the nursing staff so that they can devote more time on patient’s care .
  • Avoidance of duplication of costly equipments which may be infrequently used.
  • Planning in advance so that OT can be effectively managed.
  • Maintain record of effectiveness of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization process.
  • Monitor and enforce controls necessary to prevent cross infection according to infection control policy.
  • Maintain inventory of instruments and equipment.
  • To stay updated regarding developments in the field in the interest of efficiency, economy, accuracy and provision of better patient care.
  • To provide a safe environment for the patients and staff.

JCI Compliances adhered in iCSSD:

  • Prevention & Control of Infections – PCI
    • PCI.7 – The organization identifies the procedures and processes associated with the risk of infection and implements strategies to reduce infection risk.
    • PCI.7.1 – The organization reduces the risk of infections by ensuring adequate equipment cleaning and sterilization and the proper management of laundry and linen.
    • PCI.7 & PCI.7.1 compliances reflected in iCSSD – In Approve sterilization screen, CSSD head will check the cleanliness of the instruments and approves the sets.
  • Facility Management & Safety – FMS
    • FMS.8 – The organization plans and implements a program for inspecting, testing, and maintaining medical equipment and documenting the results.
    • FMS.8.1 – The organization collects monitoring data for the medical equipment management program. These data are used to plan the organization’s long-term needs for upgrading or replacing equipment.
    • FMS.8.2 – The organization has a product/equipment recall system.
    • FMS.8, FMS.8.1 & FMS.8.2 compliances reflected in iCSSD – In Equipment maintenance screen, an option is given to capture Maintenance tenure and log for the equipment breakdowns.
      In Inventory Management module, an option is given in GRN Returns screen to recall / return the defective equipment.

Barcode integration in iCSSD:

iCSSD integration with barcode assures the users with a user-friendly and configurable barcode label of the sets for easy identification and a quick tracking of set’s vital information. This barcode label helps in identification of sets and all relevant factors for the sterilizing process are under control and also errors can be completely ruled out.Some of the benefits with barcode integration are :

  • Easier Tracking and greater accountability.
  • Efficient Sterilization checklist and post sterilization identification
  • Easy identification of faulty equipment
iCSSD Barcode