infirmary Laboratory Management System (iLMS)

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Need for medical lab management

Just like every other sector, healthcare is becoming increasingly dependent on the core strength of information technology. IT plays a major role in providing an edge above the rest in today’s competitive market by performing accurate information assimilation, process overhaul and comprehensive report printing.

There is a paradigm shift in the way laboratories are managed today. Accurate data management, smart data exchange interface, flexible architecture and unified modern lab information management system are imperative factors that drive transparent hospital management. More recently, the laboratory management software products have been expanding beyond their original purpose of sample management, which is justified in the era when everyone wants to serve the best.

Our solution: iLMS

Idhasoft offers a modern web-based infirmary Laboratory Management System – iLMS that provides the benefit of efficient operation handling, enhanced administration and control, superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability.

It is a comprehensive medical lab management solution that enables effective decision making. The solution is flexible and adapts quickly to changing industry needs. Our lab information management system offers extensive customization capability to fulfill varying lab management needs from hospital to hospital.

iLMS includes the following modules:

  • Sample Management
  • Administration Module
  • Lab Reports Module

Sample Management Module includes following transactions:

  • Sample Collection
  • Sample Acceptance
  • Sample Centrifuge
  • Sample Transfer
  • Section Acceptance
  • Machine Loading
  • Sample Cold Storage
  • Result Entry
  • Result Authentication
  • Skip Process
  • Cold Storage Process
  • Track Sample
  • View Reports
  • Batch Printing

Administration Module includes following transactions:

  • User Registration
  • Lab Registration
  • Test Requisition
  • Services Cancellations
  • Bill Refunds
  • Masters
  • Change Password
  • Settings
  • Reports

Lab Reports Module includes following transactions:

  • View Lab Reports
  • Search Lab Reports
  • Batch Printing

iLMS Key Functionalities :

  • iLMS, through its well defined process ensures adherence of all laboratory processes and thus takes care of precision and quality,which forms the foundation of any laboratory service.
  • iLMS, is carefully designed to cater the requirements of all the lab sections like Histopathology, Cytopathology, Histology, Pathology, Serology, Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Biochemistry,Parasitology, Enzymology, Toxicology, Hematology, Virology, Urinanalysis, Surgical Pathology, Blood Bank, Coagulation, Genetics and Cytogentics.
  • iLMS, with its inherent knowledge base and functionality provides information of sample specimen to be collected and with its internal complex calculations can supplement highly skilled and trained resources in lab and thus would result in reduction in number of manpower in laboratory.
  • Hospital management can leverage upon the IT (information technology) infrastructure to ensure that relevant information becomes available across the hospital as iLMS can be seamlessly integrated with Hospital Information System (HIS).
  • JCI compliances adhered by iLMS will help the hospital management to get the advantage of JCI compliant laboratory software and thus helps them to get accredited their laboratory department by JCI.
  • NABL compliances like monitoring and control of inventories, calibration and maintenance schedules, stock control of reagents and standard materials, scheduling of samples and monitoring of work throughput, monitoring of test procedures, capture, storage, retrieval, processing of data manually or automatically, generation of test reports, etc. are completely adhered by iLMS and thus it helps the hospital management to get NABL accredited for their lab.
  • iLMS comes with in built lab equipment integration like Vitros 5600 Immunoanalyzer,Sysmex CS-2000i, etc which can help to expedite the retrieval of test results.
  • Automatic printing of barcode format labels and collection data sheets at the point of sample collection helps to track the sample status at different processing stages.
  • ILMS, through its unique work flow management, provides option to the users to skip the equipment integration process and allow for manual result entry at the time of temporary equipment breakdown.
  • Provision of test result templates in iLMS makes it easier for the lab staff to design numerous result templates on fly.

JCI compliances adhered by iLMS :

Assessment of Patients – AOP (Laboratory Services)

AOP.5.2 – Individuals with proper qualifications and experience administers the tests and interpret the results.
How AOP.5.2 compliance is reflected in iLMS

Technician Authentication and HOD Authentication process are captured in iLMS who can administer and interpret the lab results before they are published.

AOP.5.3 – Laboratory results are available in a timely way as defined by the organization.
How AOP.5.3 compliance is reflected in iLMS

TAT [Turn around Time] feature in iLMS assists the lab supervisor or lab HOD to define them for all the tests and the sample processing duration is closely monitored by this TAT.

AOP.5.3.1 – There is a process for reporting critical results of diagnostics tests.
How AOP.5.3.1 compliance is reflected in iLMS

Provision is given in iLMS to highlight the extreme values of diagnostic tests in predefined colors for an easy identification.

AOP.5.4 – All equipment used for laboratory testing is regularly inspected, maintained and calibrated, and appropriate records are maintained for these activities.
How AOP.5.4 compliance is reflected in iLMS

Equipment Management module in iLMS takes care of lab equipment inspection, maintenance and reports are defined to capture this information.

AOP.5.5 – Essential reagents and other supplies are regularly available and evaluated to ensure accuracy and precision of results.
How AOP.5.5 compliance is reflected in iLMS

Inventory Management module in iLMS takes care of reagents, lab instruments and lab equipment purchases and reports related to these activates are defined for reference purpose.

AOP.5.6 – Procedures for collecting, identifying, handling, safely transporting and disposing of specimens are followed.
How AOP.5.6 compliance is reflected in iLMS

In iLMS, processes are well defined for sample collection and barcode printing after the sample collection helps in easy identification and handling of samples,sample transfer to outsource lab ensures safe transportation of specimen and sample cold storage process helps in proper disposing of sample specimen after sample is processed.

AOP.5.7 – Established norms and ranges are used to interpret and to report clinical laboratory results.
How AOP.5.7 compliance is reflected in iLMS

iLMS result template designer helps the staff to define reference ranges for all the laboratory tests based on age, gender, equipment, etc.

AOP.5.8 – A qualified individual(s) is responsible for managing the clinical laboratory service or pathology service.
How AOP.5.8 compliance is reflected in iLMS

User Management in iLMS takes care of defining users and their profiles and based on these profiles only responsible users can operate the software.

AOP.5.10 – The organization regularly reviews quality control results for all outside sources of laboratory services.
How AOP.5.10 compliance is reflected in iLMS

Reports defined for sample outsourced in iLMS helps the staff to review the quality control on all the tests that are outsourced.

iLMS Process Flow