Drugs Inventory Management Module

Idhasoft health’s PMIS is designed by understanding the need for modern, automated systems. Our Drugs Inventory Management System module is a comprehensive and integrated drug inventory management system that creates drug purchase indents for any new requirement, captures drug quotation and generates purchase order for vendors improving collaboration throughout the supply chain.

This module provides a real-time insight into crucial information such as the demand and supply, manufacturing and purchasing capability and procurement details of each drug. The system shows an indicator for sufficient drug stock management.

The module executes an end-to-end procure-to-pay process to provide you a competitive edge above the rest. All components of the module work in an integrated fashion and update entries at the master level. Keeping international standards in mind, PMIS modules are created to fit every hospital’s needs. Moreover, the modules are easy to customize to fit perfectly as per the client-specific requirements.

The module constitutes of the following:

Drugs Purchase Indents

Any new drug that is to be bought by the Central Store from the Vendor has to be indented first. A fresh new drug has to be captured in the Master level entries where information such as Category, Drug Composition, Power, Unit, Prescription, etc. is maintained. Then, an Indent for this drug can be submitted with the required information of the authorized user.

Drug Quotation Entry

Total Quotation can be captured for an indented Drug. Information such as Advance Amount, Mode of Shipment, Discount, VAT, Excise Duty, etc. is also captured here.

Purchase Order

Irrespective of the vendor selection, a Purchase Order can be drafted from this module after the Quotation Entry. The PO screen offers the selection of the previously generated Quotation so that all the data that was captured during the Indent and Quotation are auto-populated for the PO. This also maintains the chain of link between Indent-Quotation-Purchase Order. The Purchase Order is printed in order to be sent to the Vendor.

Following are the features and benefits of Drugs Inventory Control System:

  • Maintain proper inventory levels
  • Captures details pertaining to drug manufacturers, drug distributors, etc.
  • Issues drug items based on drug purchase indents
  • Issues total quotation with information such as Advance Amount, Mode of Shipment, Discount, VAT, Excise Duty, etc.
  • Prints Purchase Order
  • Maintains the chain of link between Indent-Quotation-Purchase Order
  • Scalable, Flexible and easily customizable solution to suit every hospital’s needs.