Material Transfer Module

Idhahealth’s material transfer module is an effective system for transfer of required drugs. It is a cohesive system that designed to optimize inventory management through automatic drugs requisition request processing and central store material transfer. Understanding the industry’s requirement, this module is designed to operate as a standalone system or serve as an integral part of a large medical system.

This module eliminates manual errors and verifies transfer accuracy through performing outgoing drugs quantity management. This solution enables users to assign inventory to an unlimited number of warehouse diversely located across the globe. This solution is developed considering the major growth in the no. of route-based dealers.

The special feature of our solution is that it is designed by professionals who acquire domain expertise and understand the challenges of the current healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. The system is intended to reduce the time involved in shipping orders by automating the entire retail store to central store material transfer procedure.

Benefits and Features:

  • Automates drug requisition request processing
  • Assign inventory to a virtually unlimited number of warehouse locations
  • Allows searching for a specific drug or material across multiple stores
  • Ease of purchase order and request generation
  • Reduction in inventory wastage
  • Promotes low cost and high revenue