Point of Sale (Over the Counter Sale)

The point of sale module allows comprehensive capturing of drug sale information for effective retail store sales management. The module is linked with imperative components such as customer registration to locate complete sale-related information of every customer who visited the store. The module allows implementation of filters for simplifying and customizing the search for customer records. This also helps for future drug distribution to a customer and track sale from each customer.

The module captures information such as Customer No., customer-related information, doctor-related information, bill date, drugs related information, mode of payment, etc. It is also linked with modules such as billing and inventory. On retail store bill generation, the stock of the retail store is updated as per the sold quantity.

The module also includes stock audit process to verify sales at the end of a particular period. Audit also helps in retail store sales record maintenance and to check the entered Drug-related data for its correctness. The audit information reflects upon the store’s stock—both at central and retail stores.

Why buy Idhahealth’s solution?

The point of sale module is flexible and scalable just like all other modules in Idhahealth PMIS system. Developed with cutting-edge technology and deep-domain expertise, this module is competitive to hold sale details of the store allowing decision-makers to plan out quick strategy based on sales. The module is also capable of generating reports for quick understanding of complex information. It is customizable to your suit unique business needs.

Benefits and Features:

  • Captures complex information in simplified style
  • Provides customer-by customer sale related information
  • Advance search options available
  • Audits information for correctness and updates the inventory
  • Use of cutting-edge technology and deep-domain expertise
  • Flexible, scalable and customizable
  • Integrates seamlessly with other imperative modules