Retail Store Requisition Module

The retail stores requisition module plays a crucial role in store delivery management. This module helps to submit retail store requisition and keep track of stock availability in the central store. Accordingly, a retail store can place requisition for drugs and set requisition schedule and priority.

Once the drug requisition is placed, its details are flashed on the main page of the central store. This ensures transparency of the stock availability justifying the need for each drug order.

Cutting-edge technology drives our products. This ensures systematic, fast and easy storage, retrieval and processing of medical requisition and receipt. This module automates the supply chain between the retail store and central store and is designed to eliminate the inefficiencies throughout your store with convenient online drug requisition request processing.

Benefits and Features:

  • Automates medical requisition and receipt system
  • Allows tracking central store stock
  • Comprehensible interfaces to ensure quick usage and transparency
  • Streamline requisition processes and improve collaboration with vendors
  • Track costs and eliminate errors
  • Provides inventory reordering points and transaction histories